Influencer Agency

We have recently been looking into various Influencer Agencies around the world who assist brands and businesses to gain more traction with their products and services using influencers in various digital channels. We could that many of the businesses below offered unique digital marketing services. Many specialized in different channels. One that stood out to us was the people at Hire Influence, as a specialized influencer agency.

Socialyte provides strategic campaign development, casting from our network of 10,000 top-level international influencers, and full program management for all of your influencer marketing needs. We recently released a report on how smaller influencers receive a higher percentage of engagement. The math is simple-the more followers a person acquires, the smaller the percentage becomes of those that see the content, engage with the content and are target consumers for a specific brand as the audience becomes too broad. Therefore, brands are paying more money for less targeting, less engagement and fewer impressions.

Another Texas-based agency that recognizes the benefits of using Instagram as a way to generate interest in brands is Agency Entourage They offer a full range of advertising services, including social media marketing and integration services. They see social media as being all about discovery and recognize the importance of creating content that users want to share.

Terakeet finds influencers who matter to your customers and inspire them to write about your brand. They have an ability to run unpaid influencer campaigns making their approach adaptable to a range of goals, from brand and product awareness to enterprise search engine optimization.

In late September, two weeks before the experiment was slated to begin, I reported to Socialyte’s headquarters in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. The agency manages 100 or so Instagram personalities, taking 30 percent of their bookings in exchange for setting them up with gigs. Many of these clients have millions of followers, and Saynt won’t talk to you unless you have about 100,000, but he agreed to make an exception for me and my 212. Saynt, a big man with a soft voice who wears an expression of perpetual amusement, greeted me with a hug and apologized for being a little lethargic. I’m on a detox,” he said, adding that the previous week—Fashion Week in New York—he’d been on a seven-drink, pack-a-day bender. He mostly stayed quiet as Beca Alexander, his ex-wife and Socialyte’s president, and Misty Gant, the vice president for talent, peppered me with advice.

Vazoola is a platform connecting companies and brands with thousand of key online influencers. Their vetted content creators write articles, make videos, share on social media, and run promotions, and use that influence to promote our advertisers. Vazoola also provides extensive metric and data analysis to create high-efficiency campaigns.

One of their social media offerings is Influencer Marketing. Passion Digital has access to a broad network of influencers to work with brands in spreading their message. They also use their digital research and social monitoring tools to find other suitable influencers. They then help their clients by managing their campaigns, using the bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, and celebrities of their clients’ choice.

BlogMint is Asia’s first automated platform that connects brands and influencers. It helps brands identify and engage targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content. BlogMint helps you with everything from brand awareness to product launch.

Unlike many of the other agencies here, IMA is European-based, and its list of clients reflect this. These include L’Oréal, Farfetch, Diesel, and Unilever. However, they also have well-known American brands, such as Calvin Klein and DKNY on their books.

eBassador is an influencer marketing agency based in Jacksonville, Florida. They engage influencers to help brands with article syndication, video campaigns, social sharing, company reviews, APP downloads, Pinterest promotion, Facebook likes and more. They also have services to help clients with SEO, graphic design, social media marketing and more.

UnityInfluence is an influencer marketing technology product designed to make influencer advertising easier for everyone involved. With our AI matching software, we’re able to match brands and influencers effectively and speed up the entire brand collaboration process. Unity believes in making influencer marketing effective at any budget. The starting price is $200.

They created an Instagram-specific campaign for Arlington Highlands, a shopping center in Arlington, Texas. The aim was to encourage shoppers to donate to a DFW Toys for Tots toy drive. The shopping center promoted that it would donate $1 to the toy drive for every Instagram upload with the hashtag #AHGive. The Instagram public tookj to this campaign, seeing it as an easy way to help a worthy charity.

Bring a megaphone to your message with the support of influencers and advocates who bring your content to a whole new audience through meaningful, trusted relationships. Influencer marketing is the new face of digital PR. Influencers have already worked to cultivate relationships with their followers, and have the unique opportunity to welcome brands into their fold. RMI helps create the triangle between brands, the influencer and their audience. Beyond the industry-standard sponsored posts and social promotion, we help our brands collaborate with relevant influencers to build mutually beneficial partnerships. In the end, it’s the audience who benefits most.

Crowdly is geared to large consumer brands and focused on cultivating brand advocates. Crowdly believes you have a huge locked asset of authentic customer advocates. It claims it can help you unlock this base of consumers who organically love your brand, tell their friends about your brand, and have the influence to drive new customers and revenue for you. They don’t like the idea of using rentable influencers” as they see it as ineffective and potentially damaging to your image.

Neoreach pitches itself as the end to end influencer marketing platform for Fortune 1000 brands and their agencies, probably competing quite heavily with Tapinfluence. In mid 2014 they raised 1.5 million in seed funding, adding to a new total of 2.5 million raised to date. There is no pricing information on their website, so I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess that they are very expensive to use.